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In dem Artikel geht es um die Veröffentlichung eines bevorstehenden mittelalterlichen taktischen Rollenspiels namens „Beast“. Dieses Spiel verbindet rundenbasierte und dynamische RPG-Elemente und bietet intensive Kämpfe und tiefe moralische Entscheidungen. Es kann auf dem PC über Steam gespielt werden. In einer düsteren und düsteren Fantasy-Mittelalterwelt, die von Krieg und Krankheit geplagt ist, fordert „Beast“ die Spieler heraus, sich verschiedenen Feinden durch ein einzigartiges Kampfsystem zu stellen, das sich auf Nahkampf und schnelle taktische Erfahrungen konzentriert. Jeder Schritt, jede Entscheidung und jede moralische Wahl hat Gewicht und Konsequenzen im gesamten Gameplay. Laut Piotr Pacynko, dem Gründer und Creative Director von False Propheta, dem Studio, das das Spiel entwickelt, wollten sie ein erwachsenes taktisches Rollenspiel schaffen, das schwierige Themen erkundet. Sie hoffen, dass die Spieler ihr Team dabei unterstützen, ihre Vision zu verwirklichen.

Community Excitement and Expectations

The announcement of „Beast“ has generated significant excitement among the gaming community. Fans of tactical RPGs are eagerly awaiting the release of the game, as it promises to offer a fresh take on the genre. The unique combat system, which combines turn-based mechanics with dynamic RPG elements, has captured the interest of many players who are looking for a challenging and strategic gameplay experience.

The moral choices in „Beast“ have also piqued the curiosity of the gaming community. The idea of making decisions that have meaningful consequences and impact the storyline and characters adds a layer of depth to the game. Players are eager to explore the moral complexities of the medieval world and see how their choices shape the narrative.

Furthermore, the immersive world of „Beast“ has captured the imagination of gamers. The visually stunning and atmospheric environment, coupled with rich lore and engaging characters, creates a sense of immersion that players are eager to delve into. The world’s dark and grim setting, ravaged by war and disease, adds a sense of urgency and danger, making exploration all the more thrilling.

Overall, the community is excited about the ambitious vision of „Beast“ and the potential it has to deliver a unique and captivating RPG experience. Fans are looking forward to supporting False Propheta and providing feedback to help shape the game’s development.

Official Response and Future Updates

False Propheta, the development studio behind „Beast,“ has expressed gratitude for the support and excitement shown by the community. They have acknowledged the high expectations and are committed to delivering a game that lives up to the hype.

Although no specific release date has been announced yet, False Propheta has assured fans that they are working diligently on the project. They are actively engaging with the community through their social media channels and providing regular updates on the game’s progress. Players can expect further announcements regarding gameplay features, character reveals, and the official release date in the coming months.

False Propheta encourages players to be actively involved in the development process by sharing their thoughts and feedback. They value the input of the community and believe it is instrumental in shaping the final product. As a result, they invite players to actively participate in discussions, offer suggestions, and provide constructive criticism to help refine and improve the game.

In conclusion, False Propheta’s response to the community’s excitement and expectations has been positive and encouraging. The development studio is committed to delivering an exceptional gaming experience with „Beast“ and looks forward to the continued support of the gaming community.


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