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SCS Software hat eine Bildergalerie veröffentlicht, die die Verkehrsschilder und Sprachen des kommenden Westbalkan-DLC für Euro Truck Simulator 2 zeigt. Das Entwicklungsstudio legt großen Wert auf Authentizität der Schilder und hat dafür eigene Forschungsteams eingesetzt. Über 1600 einzigartige Navigations­schilder wurden speziell für den DLC erstellt und sehen den echten Schildern oft sehr ähnlich. Einige Schilder enthalten zweisprachigen Text oder verschiedene Schriftarten, wie sie in Bosnien und Herzegowina oft anzutreffen sind. Der Artikel zeigt zudem eine Bildergalerie mit den verschiedenen Verkehrsschildern.

Gemeinschaftsreaktion und offizielle Antworten

Since the announcement of the West Balkans DLC, the Euro Truck Simulator 2 community has been buzzing with excitement. Players from all over the world are eagerly awaiting the release of this expansion, as it promises to bring a whole new level of realism to the game. Many community members have expressed their appreciation for the attention to detail and the immersive experience that the DLC will provide.

SCS Software has been actively engaging with the community and addressing their questions and concerns. The development team has taken feedback from players into consideration and has made necessary adjustments to ensure that the DLC meets the expectations of the community. They have also provided regular updates on the progress of the development, generating even more anticipation among fans.

Official responses from SCS Software have highlighted the extensive research and effort that has gone into creating the traffic signs and languages in the West Balkans DLC. The studio has acknowledged the importance of authenticity and has strived to accurately represent the region in the game. They have also emphasized the inclusion of bilingual and multilingual signs, showcasing their commitment to diversity and realism.

As for the community, players have been sharing their thoughts, experiences, and expectations on various online forums and social media platforms. Many are excited about the opportunity to explore a new region and discover its unique traffic sign designs and languages. Some players with personal connections to the West Balkans have expressed their enthusiasm for seeing their culture and language represented in the game.

Overall, the community response to the West Balkans DLC has been overwhelmingly positive. Players are eagerly awaiting its release and are looking forward to immersing themselves in the authentic driving experience it promises to deliver. The engagement from SCS Software and their dedication to meeting the expectations of the community have only served to heighten the excitement surrounding this expansion.


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