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Die Entwickler Bratans und die Publisher Smola Game Studio und Agafonoff haben ein neues Soulslike- und Hack-and-Slash-Spiel namens „LIZARDS MUST DIE“ veröffentlicht. Das Spiel ist für 1,99 Euro auf Steam erhältlich und hat positive Bewertungen mit insgesamt 2390 Benutzerbewertungen erhalten. Es zeichnet sich durch synchronisierte Dialoge mittels künstlicher Intelligenz, 3D-Grafik, slawische Mythologie und Charaktere wie Radislav Bagirov, Vseslav, der Magier, und Drocheslav, Sohn von Sergeus, aus. Für eine Vorschau gibt es einen Trailer.

Community Reaction and Official Responses

The release of „LIZARDS MUST DIE“ has generated significant buzz within the gaming community. Players have taken to forums and social media platforms to discuss their experiences and share their excitement for the game. The challenging combat mechanics and immersive storytelling have been praised by many, with players appreciating the depth and complexity of the gameplay.

One player, user123, wrote on a gaming forum, „I’ve been playing ‚LIZARDS MUST DIE‘ for hours now, and I’m absolutely hooked! The combat is intense, and the AI-driven dialogues really add to the immersion. The game’s visuals are also stunning. It’s definitely a must-play for fans of the genre.“

The development team, Bratans, has been actively engaging with the community and addressing any concerns or issues raised by players. They have released several patches and updates to improve gameplay performance and address bugs. This level of responsiveness has been appreciated by players and has contributed to the positive reception of the game.

In an official statement, Bratans expressed their gratitude for the support and feedback from the community. They have indicated that they are committed to continuously improving the game and have plans to release additional content and updates in the future.

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